Scholarship  Fund

for the Youth

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On March 11, 2011, the northeastern part of Japan experienced a natural calamity of unprecedented proportions.  Nature, while delivering a sense of healing, ease, and comfort to people most of the time, does remind us of her might and of our powerlessness occasionally, and this was definitely one of such occasions.   Currently, the government of Japan, the local governments, the private sector, and civil society are making utmost efforts to support those who have been afflicted and to restore the devastated towns.  The challenges that these towns face until their full recovery and the difficulties that the people must surmount seem unimaginably high, prompting each of us in Japan to think about what we can do.  As one of these initiatives, we have launched a scholarship fund, aiming to help the youth in these areas continue exploring their possibilities and enhancing their human capital even at such a difficult time.  We look at the situation as a long-term process, and the unlimited potential of the youth should not be lost.  We would like to ask for your kind thoughts and support for these youths and the devastated families.


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